Jardinopolis, Australia meeting!!

Jardinopolis, Australia meeting!!

Jardinópolis, Brésil le 06/03/2015


06.03.2015 - 11.03.2015
Bound to SP Airport again. We went to visit our friend from Australia, Paulo! He kindly invited us to stay at his home and even booked us a private driver from the airport to Jardinopolis, close to Riberão Preto (4h drive).
There was so so much traffic jam in SP at that time that our driver was stuck for 2 hours on the way to the airport. Finally he picked us up and we arrived 4h later at destination, 2am, dead!! But worth it, I was so happy to see Paulito after 2 years! 
As he was working during the week, he organized us a crazy week end together, with his friends and his cousin Daniel. 
• Going to Uberaba (city in Minas Gerais, next state), 2h away, for a mega party.
• Local bar there from 5pm-10pm to warm up and share some snacks
Party from 1am to 5:30am.
• Even booked us a night at the hotel there. (Nobody could drive hihi)
Hola hangover, it has been a long time! Innocent
During the morning, Daniel went to buy 2 baby dogs. I don't know where was that idea coming from, maybe he was still under some alcohol effects ;) Anyway there were so adorable and we played like kids with them. 
For our sick but hungry stomachs, nothing better than a big Churrasco for lunch! Then we drove back home 2hours, with the doggies in a box haha epic!
Back at Paulo's house, we had an amazing pizza dinner with all his family. So much food, brazilians you are crazy!  
Monday, Paulo showed us his family farm, where he works. This is really a nice place, beautiful animals and their sugar cane plantation is huge! He explained us that it is one of the biggest of Jardinopolis. Woaw.   
 The evening, we went out to Celina a local bar in Riberão Preto with the boys (Paulo and Daniel). The beer was back, hell yay Brazil..;) and we had some local snacks, that I can't remember the names, so good. 
Last day, Paulo drove us to Campinas Airport, at 2am even if he was working at 6! Crazy brazilians I told you. You can't stop them, they are just so generous. 
We had an amazing time and it felt so good to be with friends on the other side of the world, it felt like home. 
Muito Obrigado Paulito, see you very soon with all the team!!
Brazil was almost at its end. One more stop : off to Iguaçu Falls! 


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