Iguazu Falls, between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Iguazu Falls, between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Foz do Iguaçu, Brésil le 11/03/2015


11.03.2015 - 13.03.2015
After a stop in Rio de Janeiro, finally we arrived in Iguazu! We were a bit tired as we woke up at 2am and arrived at 12:30 at the final destination.
We took a 4 dorm room at Che Lagarto. It's a super backpackers place and you can find it all around South America. Breakfast is included and it is really worth it: mega buffet!! It was perfect to start the day with the stomach full :) They also have a little tourist agency next to the reception, so we went to organize our day trip to the Falls with them.
On the 12th, we went to the Brazilian Falls side and also the Parque das Ave.
The Falls are amazing! The water is brown but still, it's super impressive. The park is smaller than the Argentinian side and we have to say that we prefered the argentinian as well.
There are some strange animals, called Coatis, walking around, searching for food. Don't feed and touch them as they can transmit some diseases such as rage. They were a bit annoying after a moment because they are everywhere..
Then we went to this incredible bird park, just next to the falls. Woaw, so many varieties of tropical birds, so many beauty parrots etc. We loved it! We liked the fact that they are not so many cages, the birds are in "free areas" where we could walk in. Max was super happy to see the tucanos, they have crazy colours. We took some great photos and had so much fun there!
On the next day, as we wanted to save money to go to the Argentinian Falls, we didn't book with the agency and decided to take the local bus (way cheaper). Later on, we regreted that choice.. We were sitting inside that local bus, enjoying the view, and two normal guys (18-20yo) came in just a bit before we passed the Argentinian side. Suddenly they took out their guns. Oh sweet Jesus, please no. Here we go, like in the movie scenes.
Everybody panicked, the driver tried to brake to attract the attention of other drivers, he got hitten by one of the guys. It was really quick but it seemed like an hour, my heart was beating so fast, my hands were shaking. I was thinking how to hide my bag which had passports, camera, GoPro, money, credit cards in. I was so scared. I managed to do so, and I took some money in my pocket in case they asked us.
They started to ask money to the people on the bus. A person sitting close to us attracted the attention of one of the guys, he thought he was from the Police. He got bitten strongly, he took his phone, money and jewellery. My heart was exploding in my chest, I wanted them to go so bad. They took us some money (100 Reais which are 30€ so we didn't care about it), and left. Oh my godness. Scariest moment of our lives. Hopefully we were safe and they didn't see my bag.
After that experience, we learnt to: always have some money in the pockets, have one credit card hidden in my bra (hell yes) and all the important money in a "banana" bag, around our waist. Our moms were right, South America isn't as sweet and safe as Europe!
The day didn't start like we thought hihi. Even at the Falls Park, I still had their faces, the guns, the scenes, in my head. I was constantly thinking about that. Even now that I'm writing that article, three months later, it sometimes flashbacks in my mind. Brr chills.

Anyway, those falls were the best ones. More expensive than the brazilian side (104R: Brazil / 192R: Arg for two) but bigger and really more impressive. I think the most beautiful was La Garganta del Diablo, the water was so so powerful. The noise is crazy.
They are also some passerelles where you can go really close to the falls and also really... wet. Yes! Hihi That was fun!
After that exhausting day, big sleep and off to Argentina first city Buenos Aires


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