Fortaleza, touristy!

Fortaleza, touristy!

Fortaleza, Brésil le 28/02/2015


28.02 - 05.03.2015
Again we rent a lovely appartment on Airbnb, well located close to the beach and restaurants in Iracema. It also has a swimming pool on the rooftop, yaaay so good!!
The first morning, we went for a walk all the beach until Meiereles, almost 40 minutes one way. There are lots of souvenirs stands, and beach restaurants as well. We felt like Fortaleza is much more touristy than Salvador or even Sao Paulo. Finally we were not the only ones! Hihi
The second day we visited the Mercado Central, really really big one. There are like 4 or 5 floors, full of stands, artisanal things, clothes and some little restaurants. We finally bought our souvenir beach bag "Fortaleza" for 3€. Hiiii happy Célia!
Then we went to the Cathedrale, and to the 3 main Praças in the center :  Praça do Ferreira, Praça José de Alencar and Praça do Martires. I would say that the most important one to see is the first one, there are all the shops around, so many people, compare to the others where there is almost nothing to see.
It was time to enjoy the sun at the beach, so we went to Praia do Futuro. Beautiful, white sand, turquoise water, like we dreamt of. There are so many beach restaurants, we went at Croco coco, something like that. The speciality there is the crab, but as we are on a little budget, we had fried calamari and a fresh cerveja. So nice to eat feet in the sand and view on the ocean. Later that afternoon, we tried for the first time the famous Coco verde, and we liked it! Refreshing! Again that day we got so much sunburnt hihi. The sun was so strong, you could feel it slowly burning each part of your body.
Food: We finally found our fav italian restaurant ever. Go try "La Bella Italia" in Iracema. Seriously it was the best pizza we had in all South America. A normal italian sized pizza, with prosciutto crudo, rucola, mozza, parmesan, woaw. Still dreaming about it.
Then there was that restaurant called "La Macia Barcelona", close to the beach, still in Iracema. Really nice local food at a cheap price. Went there like 4 times for lunch and aperitives!  


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